Race. Rarely has such an important subject been so difficult to discuss. But not here at Race Relations. This is a podcast about race unlike anything else on the airwaves: honest, raw, funny and refreshingly real.

Co-hosts and old friends Chris Drummond and Tim Struby have been debating race for nearly two decades. No tiptoeing around topics here. So pull up a chair and check your judgments at the door. Because when it comes to race relations,everything is black and white

Chris Drummond

Chris Drummond received his formal education on the streets of Jamaica, Queens. He got his start in the film industry as director Penny Marshall's assistant on her film "The Preacher's Wife." In 1998, after several years with Ms. Marshall, Chris left to work as a freelance script consultant and story editor.

In 2005, thanks to Chris's eye for detail and ear for dialogue, Marshall appointed him Director of Urban Acquisitions and Development at her production company, Parkway Pictures. Since then he has split time between developing film and TV projects and raising his three children as well as mentoring young artists. He presently lives in his beloved Queens with his wife Victoria. 

Tim Struby

On paper, Tim Struby is a New York City-based sports journalist. BUt to anyone familiar with his work, they know he's more interested in human interest than stats. While a regular longtime contributor at ESPN The Magazine, his stories have also appeared in New York, Details, The New Yorker, Men's Journal, Playboy, Maxim, Outside, Maxim Fashion and W. 

Upon graduating from Fordham University with a BA in Political Philosophy,  His feature, "Fighting Chance," (ESPN The Magazine) a detailed account of his experience fighting in the New York Golden Gloves, was named one of the notable sports stories in The Best American Sports Writing of 2002 anthology, and Struby has earned numerous honors from the Boxing Writer's Association of America. 

While in his 30's Struby was accepted to the Fiction MFA program at The New School where he started- and recently completed- his first novel. When he's not on the road, he can be found on the tennis court or on his stoop with a radio listening to his beloved New York Mets.